Technical coordination

At the pre-project stage
  • Discussion of the project concept: decision approval, identification of concept shortcomings, making adjustments;
  • Coordination of land rights and land use;
  • Coordination of technical specifications for engineering surveys, including:
    • geodesic,
    • geological,
    • hydro geological,
    • environmental surveys.
  • Development and coordination of the pre-project booklet.


The team of PROFIL AG is ready to plan monitor and control construction projects at all stages of their implementation independently and with partners.


The list of technical coordination services:


At the design stage
  • Preparation and conduction of a tender to select General designer;
  • Development of technical design specifications;
  • Coordination of the design solutions, approval of completed design stages;
  • Checking of design documents: including verification of compliance of projects of engineering systems with operating rules and regulations set by state control authorities;
  • Approval of the project or its sections by the state expert assessment department;
  • Registration of construction, receipt of all regulatory permissions for construction work.
At the planning stage
  • Appointment of design and construction manager;
  • Handing over of the project agreed in the expertise to the general contracting construction company, drawing up and signing of contracts for the coming work;
  • Review and approval of schedules of design, construction and other types of works, schedule fulfillment control;
  • Signing of contracts with suppliers and contractors;
  • Monitoring of timely changes to the project, participation in an act of reconciliation;
  • Check of the work scope and approval of documents in the standard form KS-2, KS-3.