Project Management

Management of a construction project is not only human resource management, but a whole range of activities aimed at optimizing design and construction and search for efficient, cost-effective solutions.

We offer:
  • Development of a project concept: the concept is based on the purpose of the object, its proposed budget and the wishes of construction Client. During project development a lot of attention is paid to its compliance with all building codes and regulations established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Coordination of design options: searching for optimal and timely decisions, motivation of proposals, and discussion of the options with the Client.
  • Organization of funding: if necessary, PROFIL AG also takes over the search for investment required for the project.

  • Development of design and construction calendar schedule: the schedule is made individually for each stage of work and is subject to adjustments, if necessary, with the consent of the construction Client
  • Definition of renewable and consumable resources demand. Determination of consumable resources includes the selection of building materials and engineering equipment to be installed at the facility. Renewable resources imply the choice of construction equipment and labor force estimates.
  • Building of design and construction budgets: determination of the budget for each stage of work, justification of use of financial resources.
  • Development of funding schedule: setting of terms for the receipt of funds for implementation of each stage of work.
  • Development of resource flow schedules: definition of delivery terms for construction materials and equipment, as well as developing of work schedule for specialists and workers.
  • Integration of all schedules into a single model and maintenance of its actuality. If necessary, each element of construction and project plan can be changed. Any change must be agreed with the construction customer, and promptly included into the general plan of work.